The Database of Algonquian Language Structures is a project to provide basic information about the sounds and grammar of the Algonquian languages in an easily searchable format.

Project leaders

The principal investigator is Will Oxford (Department of Linguistics, University of Manitoba) and the web developer is Graham Still.

Funding partners

The project was made possible through funding from the following sources:

  • Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada: Insight Development Grant 430-2016-00680, Structure and Change in Direct-Inverse Systems, 2016-18 (PI Will Oxford, University of Manitoba; collaborator Heather Bliss, University of Victoria)
  • University of Manitoba Research Grants Program (URGP), Unifying Data and Theory in Comparative Algonquian Linguistics, 2014-15
  • University of Manitoba start-up grant, Resources for Algonquian Linguistic Research, 2013-15

Research assistants

The database would not exist without the contributions of a large number of student research assistants. As of November 2017, the following RAs are working on the project in various capacities:

  • Nicole Brunette
  • Emily Comeau
  • Sarah Hoffman
  • Christopher Lansang

And the following students have contributed to the project in the past:

  • Samantha Frederick
  • Michele Lisanti
  • Charmaine Manalang
  • Izabela Matusz
  • Francis Newman
  • Mathieu Paillé
  • Vivian Xu
  • Jin Ho Yeum