We are in the process of developing a brand new version of alglang.net! You can preview it here, but keep in mind the data has not been fully migrated yet!

The Database of Algonquian Language Structures is a project to provide basic information about the sounds and grammar of the Algonquian languages in an easily searchable format. The database is currently in development and we are only in the early stages of adding data. You're welcome to look around, but please be aware that the data hasn't yet been double-checked. Read more about the project...

What you'll find here:

Detailed listings of verb forms and nominal forms from many languages, annotated to include morpheme-by-morpheme glosses, allomorphy, examples, cognates, and historical derivation.
A structural survey, inspired by the World Atlas of Language Structures, charting the patterning of various Algonquian linguistic features across the languages. (There's not much here yet. Stay tuned!)
A large and growing bibliography of Algonquian linguistics, which you can easily filter to find works by a particular author. Article summaries are gradually being added.
A catalogue of the phonology of the languages: phoneme inventories, clusters, synchronic and diachronic rules, and sound changes.

To start using the database, click any of the links above, or try doing a verb paradigm search, or click a language on the map below. (Many of the languages have been spoken across large areas that have changed over time. The locations on the map are meant to indicate the centre of the area in which the language has most recently been spoken.)