-a·1 (Meskwaki)


dir (direct or animate 3rd-person object)

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Historical Notes

Parent Morpheme: *-a· (dir) (Proto-Algonquian)

Change Type: Phonological

Forms that contain this morpheme

  • V-a:či
  • V-a:wa:či
  • V-a:niči
  • ne-V-a·wa
  • ne-V-a·waki
  • ke-V-a·wa
  • ke-V-a·waki
  • ne-V-a·pena
  • ke-V-a·pena
  • ke-V-a·pwa
  • V-a·pi
  • V-ema·pi
  • ne-V-a·petoke
  • ke-V-a·petoke
  • ne-V-a·pena·toke
  • ke-V-a·pena·toke
  • ke-V-a·pwa·toke
  • V-a·petoke
  • V-ema·petoke

Examples that contain this morpheme


-a·1 (Meskwaki)

Gloss dir (direct or animate 3rd-person object)
Slot TS
Phonemic representation -
Historical notes Parent: *-a· (dir) (Proto-Algonquian)
Sources None